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Welcome to our site!

We got to the Bullmastiff breed after a long considering and finding a suitable dog for our son. On 19th February 2011 we have brought home a 5 months old female dog Jennifer, which changed our life. She taught us to love the nature more and treasure our free time.

With her character and the joyful greetings she makes us happy every day. It is easy for her to learn new things, she just needs patience and love as we all. She guards her family not just whit her majestic appearance, but also whit her inconspicuous vigilance. She is good adaptable on routes, in the city, hotel or a restaurant. Does everything to be in our presence and guard our safety. Likes to play, run, swims or lays whit us in the garden, watching TV. She can hear the difference between a happy child noise and a calling in need.

If someone wants a dog for a family member, the Bullmastiff won’t disappoint you for sure.